9th September 2016

Flex Appeal Flash Dance

Today team MR + MRS joined influential journalist and blogger Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka for a flash mob gathering in London’s Trafalgar Square to raise awareness for flexible working hours for parents. Or as Anna puts it ‘promoting flexible working for people who happen to be parents’.

We know flashmobs are so 2009, but the cause is a worthy one. Check out Mother Pukka’s rallying cry below and if you’re not nodding by the end of the paragraph consider yourself unfollowed on Instagram!

The reason
In this digital era where folk can work from their bog if they want to, it’s time to stop the bums-on-seats mentality and work towards productivity in the workplace. The current inflexible system punishes people – the hardest hit are mothers who are dropping from the workforce like flies – who happen to have big life commitments like growing a person. This includes those looking after old relatives; those who happen to be budding artists and work better with an hour of sketching under their belt and those who simply can’t make work work shackled to the 9-5. This is about businesses increasing productivity and not losing talent. This is about businesses making more dosh. Businesses, this one’s for you.

The stats
In one of the largest global workplace surveys of its kind (February 2016), 83 per cent of respondents said adopting flexible working had resulted in improvements in productivity. Results from the research with 8,000 global employers and employees, conducted by Vodafone, also showed that 61 per cent said it had helped increase company profits. The report, titled ‘Flexible: Friend or Foe?’, found that companies had been overwhelmingly convinced about the business benefits of flexible working.”

Enough preaching check out the Snapchat posts from the Flex Appeal parent mob. Hil-a-rious huh?

Flex Appeal 80s Flash Mob By Mother Pukka Snapchat

Flex Appeal 80s Flash Mob By Mother Pukka

Flex Appeal Flash Dance!

The theme of the day ‘Flash Dance’, full on 80s Lycra, sweat bands and scrunchies – with the rabble throwing choreographed shapes that were shared on Instagram before the big day.

This is a subject that’s close to our hearts as the founders of MR + MRS Digital are also parents and we believe that in this connected world, there really is no longer a need to be ever present at the office or wherever your fixed location of voluntary ‘slavery’ happens to be. Times have changed. Since 1946 when the whole concept of 9 to 5 was first implemented (horrible history alert) in America when the United States government instigated a 40 hour work week for all federal employees, then the corporate workforce followed suit.

That was 70 years ago! Seriously ‘Let’s talk about Flex’!

Business culture needs to keep up with the times, support the movement and check out / retweet / share the #FlexAppeal and #WorkThatWorks campaign.


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