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15th September 2016

Snapchat Develops More Ad Targeting Features For Digital Marketers

Snapchat is sharpening up its audience ad targeting bringing the fast-growing mobile platform in line with Facebook and Twitter.  Now advertisers on Snapchat can reach people using existing emails from a businesses database – much like Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences.

Snapchat Ads MR + MRS Digital

Three new targeting options will be available for digital marketers on Snapchat:

  1. Snap Audience Match – which enabling advertisers to take a lists of email addresses and mobile device IDs, and match that data with Snapchat’s own user audience data, anonymously.
  2. Snapchat Lifestyle Categories – allows brands to direct ads to people who engage with certain types of content (like celebrity news or sport videos).
  3. Lookalikes – lets marketers reach people that share similar qualities or interests to the marketer’s existing customers.

Previously, Snapchat adverts reached a broad range of audiences based on their gender, age or location. This general approach to the 150 million daily users just was not comprehensive enough for advertisers that have become accustomed to detailed audience segmentation on other social networks.

The announcement this week of the update to their ad product range brings the app on a par with other social media channels and the online industry publishing standard.

The world of Snapchat is evolving fast and consumers, much like the daily changing lenses on the app, can engage in a brand’s story through paid strategies like the three targeting products outlined. By keeping an eye on emerging Snapchat trends and tactics to exploit, MR + MRS Digital can help your business succeed by developing innovative strategies that leverage new ways to reach and attract your target customer.